Wednesday, 24 February 2010

TV shows

Hello All.
January 2010 has been amazing month for me and Ning. Lots going on. I went back to Malaysia for 2 weeks, initially to be with my mum who wasn't well. So it was good to spend time with her even just for a shortwhile. Then I went to Kuala Lumpur to appear on Malaysian TV9 and also Astro for the morning TV shows.

I was told to cook outside the studio (for Nasi Lemak Kopi O' slot) which you can imagine, the weatherwise. It was HOT! Well I can't complain as that's my country but before I left Manchester, it was heavily snowing so that was a big temperature change for me. I kept sweating a lot during filming. Good job they didn't show much of my 'melting' face. Ha Ha. So that was a good experience, in fact was a bit of practice for me before appearing in Market Kitchen (Goodfood Channel in the UK) in February.

For Astro Awani TV Channel, the producer told me to be at Chow Kit Market at 3am to do the filming. The market is like a wholesale market and sell all fresh herbs and vegetable. I saw huge bundle of lemon grass and ginger flowers, which I wish I can take them home to Manchester. Everything sold there was fresh. We were there for about couple of hours to do the filming. Then head back to the hotel and slept for two hours before appearing in Awani Pagi, morning talk show. Goodness me, the questions asked were sort of 'clever' ones. Ha Ha. I didn't expect that so I hope I did well answering those questions. You can watch all these on NingTV

Supposedly I should be on another TV show on the same day around lunchtime but I was told by the producer 'someone' with a bit of 'power' and 'attitude' don't like me to be on that show. So I honestly didn't expect I will create a 'threat' or 'competition' for someone in that short period. Well that is a bit of gossip for you. Somehow I managed to meet up with the 'producers/people behind the scenes' to talk about my proposal for Malaysian TV which can take Malaysia by storm. Too soon for me to reveal that, so keep reading this blog if you want to know the update. ;)

I have to thank 'The Magnet Girls' (Nori, Juliana and Lin) for all those TV appearances. They were the one who worked hard and organised my itinerary when I was there. I have also been appointed to be their official ambassador for 'The Fridge Magnets' products (woohoooo) which you can see more details on . Our aim is to get the fridges in every Malaysian households covered with the magnets. Now that is interesting.

Next post, more story about how I have been chosen as Official Malaysian Chef for Lotus Formula 1 Racing. This is BIG news for us at Ning (and the Magnet Girls).